To the Depressed –
There is a dark, empty place in this life that is as inevitable as the night. Misguided killers, ignorant martyrs, and those who make up the suicidal statistics are all born here. The quickest way to get out of this place is through distraction, fantasy, and obscurity… so the simple minded leave with ease.
But some get stuck here… Like a bug caught in amber. The sludge of despair has an appetite for the extremely intelligent and the innately sensitive. The intelligent get trapped because they see the meaninglessness in following others out through distraction and fantastical ideas. They can’t find a reality worth fighting for, so they submit to the sludge.
The sensitive get caught because they feel something powerful in this darkness and see a beauty in the contrast it sheds on the world around them. Like a man gripping an electric fence they are slaved to the sensation.
If and when one finds themselves here – broken, flaccid, and meaningless – all philosophy, hope, and spirituality amount to nothing. Offering the sentiment of “Look at the bright side” or “It could be worse” are like giving vitamins to a cancer patient and expecting a recovery.
This place is the absence of every ideal and the vacuum of every virtue, save one… Patience. This weight, heavy and brash, is something that only patience can withstand. Through patience we learn to navigate the sludge and come out the other side changed. Changed for the better?… No, just changed…
If you believe the universe is intrinsically good then the change will be “Good”. If you believe the universe is inherently bad then the change will be “Bad”.

— from the Facebook page of the band “Nothing More” which just happens to be a really great band.


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