I’m Texting You This Because I Like You

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I’m texting you this because I like you. Because when I think of you I get this sort-of insane feeling inside of my gut that makes me want to listen to really bad pop songs and go for a run (You know it’s bad when I willingly want to go running). I’m texting you this because I think about your body sometimes, pressed up against mine and what that would mean and how awesome that would feel. I’m texting you this because I like you and I’m wondering if you’ve caught on.

I’m texting you this because I want to seem like I don’t care. Isn’t it insane how we do that as humans – how we have to feign distance and disinterest as a means of expressing how we feel for one another? I think that’s just crazy and I know that you do too. I think that…

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To the Depressed –
There is a dark, empty place in this life that is as inevitable as the night. Misguided killers, ignorant martyrs, and those who make up the suicidal statistics are all born here. The quickest way to get out of this place is through distraction, fantasy, and obscurity… so the simple minded leave with ease.
But some get stuck here… Like a bug caught in amber. The sludge of despair has an appetite for the extremely intelligent and the innately sensitive. The intelligent get trapped because they see the meaninglessness in following others out through distraction and fantastical ideas. They can’t find a reality worth fighting for, so they submit to the sludge.
The sensitive get caught because they feel something powerful in this darkness and see a beauty in the contrast it sheds on the world around them. Like a man gripping an electric fence they are slaved to the sensation.
If and when one finds themselves here – broken, flaccid, and meaningless – all philosophy, hope, and spirituality amount to nothing. Offering the sentiment of “Look at the bright side” or “It could be worse” are like giving vitamins to a cancer patient and expecting a recovery.
This place is the absence of every ideal and the vacuum of every virtue, save one… Patience. This weight, heavy and brash, is something that only patience can withstand. Through patience we learn to navigate the sludge and come out the other side changed. Changed for the better?… No, just changed…
If you believe the universe is intrinsically good then the change will be “Good”. If you believe the universe is inherently bad then the change will be “Bad”.

— from the Facebook page of the band “Nothing More” which just happens to be a really great band.

Thoughts about Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was perhaps the most underrated inventor in American history. He had many patents and many brilliant ideas that were not appreciated in his time. Some of his ideas, however, were far ahead of their time and led to Tesla being effectively ostracized by the scientific community of the day. This was also a leading factor in why many industrialists cut off the funding they had been providing for Tesla and his research. This was extremely unfortunate, because many of Tesla’s ideas were actually fairly practical and could potentially have changed the entire course of history if they had been fully funded. Perhaps the most important part of Tesla’s work, and one of his personal goals before his funding was cut off, was the creation of wireless energy transmitters that could be used worldwide. If our current system of power generation and distribution were replaced by the system Tesla had planned, the modern world would be far more advanced than it s today. Tesla’s plan would allow for wireless transmission of data, energy, audio and video files, and many other things. Imagine not ever needing to charge your phone or laptop or having to pay for service or find somewhere with wi-fi, because it was worldwide. Then imagine that it was free. That was the ultimate goal that Tesla had in mind. The best part? This was actually attainable, and, with a few more years of work and funding, would have been practical. While generating power worldwide would have been somewhat challenging, Tesla’s overarching plan could have been in effect in the US by 1920, preceding the modern use of wi-fi and other technologies by roughly 80 years. Unfortunately, because Tesla was planning on making this service free, corporate giants pulled their funding and Tesla’s work was left unfinished.

To learn more, here are some notes I made and other articles I didn’t have time to fully explore:0
How much power required through clean energy to power earth. WIRED not transmitted/received. Far more power required to transmit than through wires even with use of plates. Energy transfer is more efficient at high voltages- unsafe for people so cannot be transmitted effectively with current system.
Tesla Wardenclyffe tower specs
Book by Tesla for further examination
Power transmission patent filed by tesla(?)

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Anarchy’s True Form

Many people believe that anarchy is a bad thing; that it is the very definition of lawlessness, a total breakdown of normal societal rules. This belief has been perpetuated by governments, the media, and many others over a period of many years. This, however, is not the always the case. Anarchy can be a state of lawlessness and disorder, but it can also mean, quite simply, a society without a government. Such a society would be self-governing through moral principles and  would have no organized government or official leader. Perhaps the best example of such a society was the Britain envisioned by V in the graphic novel “V for Vendetta,” by Alan Moore. In this novel, V and his helper Evie end up eliminating the regime that had been ruling Britain. In its place, the people of Britain have no leader or government structure and subsequently, no laws to follow. However, contrary to what the media has shown in movies such as “The Purge: Anarchy,” most people do not go out and attempt to kill others. In fact, a large part of the population is ready to work together to build a better society, and not one where they are under constant surveillance. Overall, the concept of anarchy has been warped from its original intent. Government is important, and serves many functions, but we have begun to fear our government, rather than the government serving those it should be protecting. Perhaps if more people understand the true concept of anarchy, they will be able to fight to show others how to live without fear of the government.